After 27 years, I have decided to retire Resource Manager. Resource Manager was created in 1994, and while it was a bit ahead of its time back then and has gone through many updates and iterations over the years, ultimately it has reached the end of its sustainability. It will continue to become less compatible with newer operating systems over time. When Resource Manager began, networked PCs were still a relatively new idea, and email was the new kid on the block. We now live in a totally interconnected world, and the idea of running a standalone application on a dedicated computer with manual backups is very antiquated. Automation, connectivity, and web access have long been the direction systems have taken and Resource Manager is simply not built this way.

I thank all of the people that have been my customers and value the interactions we have had over the many years. I also want to assure anyone still using Resource Manager that I will continue to support you via email to the best of my ability with the understanding there will come a day when Resource Manager will be incompatible with your operating system and will no longer run properly if at all.

Good luck and all the best,
Cris Stewart
Saguaro Software